Can I buy direct from Riverside Furniture?

We do not sell directly to consumers. Please contact your nearest Riverside dealer which can be found by using our Dealer Locator.

Where is the nearest Riverside Furniture dealer?

For a list of Riverside dealers closest to you, please visit our Dealer Locator.

Where can I purchase replacement parts?

Replaceable parts can be purchased through your dealer.

How can I determine if the piece of Riverside furniture that I am interested in will match the finish of furniture that I already own?

For help with matching finishes, your local dealer will often have finish samples. If they do not have one, please ask them to order you one.

How do I care for my Riverside furniture?

Please see our section on Furniture Care.

Can I get touch up paint or a touch up pen or kit?

All Riverside finishes are a multi-step process; thus, we are unable to supply touch up kits. You can try a paint touch up pen from a home improvement store or see if a cabinet shop can mix up something similar.

How do I get problems such as damaged or non-working components resolved?

Any problems you experience can be resolved through your dealer as they are best equipped to resolve issues.

I own a retail furniture store. How can I become a Riverside furniture dealer?

Please use our Contact Us form and we will have the Sales Representative in your area contact you.